מילים לשיר Down In A Second

...be down in a second
I might as well jump in to the pool
I can't swim
I'll probably drown - i am
no good with questions
I'll let you pave the road to an end,
starting over - with somebody else,

here i am - in your car
driving into the night
on the bridge -and you put on our favorite song
i don't care - you can drop me from the edge of the hill

it's nice that you've mentioned
my falling downs, glad you were there
stop the car cause you're
driving me mad

and we're getting nowhere
this monologue of yours
and me: sharing silence with you
i've got nothing left to say.

here i am - standing naked
in front of the
one i adore
and i guess that you will never know,
i don't care - you can go
i'll be back on my own

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